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President’s Message

I would like to Welcome Everyone to the Midlothian Athletic Association’s Web Site.  It is the Board of Director’s hope that this website will provide information that is useful and informative.

Since the 1970’s Midlothian Athletic Association has been a part of our community. Our organization serves all the children and young adults who reside in the J.B. Watkins School District. The objectives of our association are the same today as when the organization was created.  As stated in the M.A.A. Constitution, “The objectives of the Corporation is to implant firmly in the boys and girls of the community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and reverence so that they may be well adjusted, stronger and happier boys and girls and will grow to be good, clean, healthy and trustworthy men and women”.  It is the hope of the Board that this goal will be achieved through providing an array of well-supervised and competitive athletic events. This goal will be achieved by the clear direction and nourishing example that our Coaches, Directors and all associated members of MAA display to our children.

The Board of Directors is committed to not only keeping the above stated objectives of the organization, but to re-energize these principles in a concerted effort by every member of the organization.  The commitment of the Midlothian Athletic Association is to the children and young adults in our community.  There are times when issues arise that may cause a parent or some other member of the organization to have concerns with the Association.  If at anytime any of our members have a concern, we urge them to communicate their concerns with a Coach, Director, or the Board of Directors.  The Board meetings in our organization are open to the public.  We welcome and encourage all members of the Midlothian Athletic Association to attend these meetings.

As stated above, our main goal is the positive development of our children. In the course of this development, our ultimate goal is to nurture these young people into trustworthy and morally sound adults.  We, as an organization, are committed to our children and youth and we are compelled to lead by example.  I entrust that all adults who have a role with mentoring these children whether a Coach, Director, Sponsor or a Parent on the sideline will continue to strive to lead by example and continue to teach the principles established as the foundation of this organization.

In closing, I wish all of our children and youth a successful year. I ask everyone to remember, winning is important but it is secondary to our mission of striving to mold our children of today into the mentally sound and well-adjusted men and women of tomorrow. The Volunteer members of the Midlothian Athletic Association look forward to continuing to provide services to you and your child through our recreational programs.

Chad Meads
M.A.A. President
P.O. Box 939
Midlothian, VA 23113

Located in the heart of Midlothian Virginia

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