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Midlo Families!

Registration is open for Fall Baseball.  All fall baseball registrations are handled by CBC at the following web site: http://tshq.bluesombrero.com/Default.aspx?tabid=2014532 

Once you register, CBC will work with all registrants to form teams for the fall.  In the Spring, registration will take place at this MAA site and players from the Watkins school district (and schools without an association) will have the opportunity to play together on the same team based on their age. Fall baseball is a little different due to fewer players.  For that reason CBC provides a central registration rather than relying on each association to form teams.  

If you have questions regarding Fall baseball please contact CBC. http://www.cbcbaseball.org/  



Registration is now Closed for the 2018 Spring Season

The Midlothian Athletic Association 2018 Spring Baseball Registration is now closed! MAA proudly serves families within the J.B. Watkins Elementary School district as well as those districts with no CBC affiliation! 

Everyone must register online to collect basic information. You can also pay on-line for $160 or by check for $155. Make checks payable to M.A.A.  In addition to registering on-line, you will need to complete the 2018 paperwork at one of the walk-up registration days and have your player fitted for a uniform.  If your player is new to MAA, we will also need a copy of his/her birth certificate. Please see the Timeline of important dates for walk-up registration days, uniform fittings and spirit wear orders. 

--->Follow these steps to get ready for the season:

  1. Register Online: Use the registration page to register prior to 3/10/2018.  This online registration is required to collect key information within the system. Payments can be made online for $160 or in person via check/cash for $155.

  2. Attend a Uniform Fitting: To complete the registration process you must attend one of the three uniform fitting events (2/26, 3/5 and 3/10) and bring the following items:

    1. CBC Registration Form:  Print and fill out the CBC registration form, which is required by the league. We will also have copies at the walk up registration events

    2. Birth Certificate:  Bring a copy of their birth certificate.

    3. Payment: If you have not paid you can pay in person via check or cash.  All Credit card or Paypal payments should be made online via the MAA website.

    4. Bring your child so they can be fitted for the uniform and so they can pick their top three number choices for their uniform. First come first serve so don’t wait until the last fitting on 3/10. 

  3. Obtain Equipment:  MAA will provide the uniform pants, shirt and hat.  Your player will also need a belt (Navy), cleats, baseball glove and helmet with protective face cage.  If you do not have a bat that is okay. Many players will have bats to share and I will be happy to help you pick a bat for your player usng a bat sizing chart. Ideally you should practice with different bats to find the one that feels right.  All bats must have the USA baseball stamp on the the handle or BBCOR for the older kids.  Attend a Dick’s Day on 2/10 or 3/4 to receive 20% off on that day only.

  4. Attend the Free Clinic: On 3/10 at Midlo Middle School we will be offering a free clinic to registered players. To help the players prepare for the season, coaches will cover baseball fundamentals with ages 4 - 12 (T-Ball through Bronco). The clinic will be divided by age groups:  Ages 4 - 8 :  10AM - 11:30AM and Ages 9 - 12 : 12Noon - 1:30PM. Each session will end with lighthearted games and hot dogs.

  5. Volunteer to Help:  We are having a great turn out this season and need additional coaches. MAA is a parent-run, volunteer, community association. We depend on parents that want to help the kids have fun. Please consider volunteering as a head coach, assistant coach or another role within your team such as keeping the score book. Please give me a call to discuss how you can plug in. 


All coaches need to complete a national background check through the Chesterfield County Police Department.  Please see the County's website for dates, times and location for processing. County-issued cards are valid for three years from the date of issue and have the expiration date printed on them. The more parent coaches the better so please consider helping out this season.


Important Rule Changes

It's also important to note that these rule changes are being adopted by all National and local recreational leagues.  This is not something specific to CBC or MAA. 

  • Age Determination Date Change
    The Age Determination Date will change in 2018 from April 30th to August 31st in accordance with the PONY rule change.  However, CBC players who turn 15 years old between May 1 and August 31 will be "grandfathered" and allowed to play Pony in 2018 but will not be eligible for All-Star participation.

  • Bat Rule Changes

UPDATE!! The bat rule has changed. Please make sure that those buying gifts for our players have the right information if purchasing bats for 2018 season.

To be legal, bats must be have a BBCOR stamp or a USA bat stamp.
Only those two bat standards are supported.
Additionally, the diameter of the bat barrel cannot be greater than 2 5/8". 
2 1/4" and 2 5/8" bats are okay.
2 3/4" bats are NOT okay. 


Ages and Leagues per Chesterfield Baseball Club and PONY Baseball

Age 4


Ages 5 and 6

 Pee-Wee (Coach Pitch)

 Ages 7 and 8

 Pinto (Kid Pitch)/Shetland (Coach Pitch)

 Ages 9 and 10


 Ages 11 and 12


 Ages 13 and 14


 Ages 15 and 16


 Ages 17 and 18

 Sr. Colt


The age of the player as of August 31, 2018
CBC players who turn 15 years old between May 1 and August 31 will be "grandfathered" and allowed to play Pony in 2018 but will not be eligible for All-Star participation.


Evaluations and Teams:

  • Team and Player Assessments will be conducted, as needed, at Midlothin Middle School. We will work with each age group or team to determine if, and when assessments will take place. 

  • All age groups have an instructional level as well as more advanced level. During evaluation the coaches and parents will collaborate to decide where the player/team fits best. This is not only for safety but we want your player to enjoy the game!  

  • If needed, teams will be selected based on individual evaluations of each player by the coaches with assistance from the director. Other factors will also be considered in consultation with coaches and parents, including keeping pre-existing teams together and having freinds play on the same team.   

What makes MAA/CBC special compared to other Recreational Baseball Leagues?

The short answer is we get to represent our school and play on teams with our classmates. The Chesterfield Baseball Club (CBC) is composed of member associations like MAA that play under PONY rules.  Each association represents a school district, ours being the JB Watkins Elementary school district.  Each association forms teams composed of players that go to school together or live in the same school district.  CBC is the best option for getting kids from the same school and local community to play together on the same team.  All other recreational baseball leagues require central registration and use a lottery system to “draft” players on to a team.  The only players guaranteed to be on a given team are the children of the head and assistant coaches.  All other players participate in the “draft” and could be drafted by any team within that age group.  None of this ambiguity exists within the CBC/Pony approach as your home address determines the association team. If your school area does not have an association then you can play for any adjacent school disctrict or association.  Once a team is formed, the director, coaches and parents assess the skills of the team and decide what level to play at during the season. 

There are other differences between Pony and other recreational leageues like Little League.  Pony plays by High school and Major Leaue rules, has two year age brackets compared to three year brackets used by Little League and Pony scales the size of the field to match the age of the players. Visit this site for a brief comparison of some differences.  

More information is available on the MAA website and the CBC website.



If you have questions, please contact:

Tom Osterbind  |  tosterbind@clerussolutions.com  | 703-994-3468